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Augmented Reality Wendy’s x DJ Khaled DJ Khaled teamed up with Wendy’s and Fishermen Labs to create an augmented reality (AR) lens experience to promote the Biggie Bag, a combo meal at restaurants nationwide and on-location at NASCAR's Daytona 500. Augmented Reality High School Musical Choosing between 5 iconic songs from High School Musical The Musical The Series, fans can sing along with the lyrics and the actual song. Each song has its own color vibe and are all set at camp like in season 3. Augmented Reality American Eagle Users are invited to complete their online shopping inside a virtual AE holiday store – a true-to-life recreation of a physical American Eagle retail location. The experience comes complete with AE’s famous denim wall, comfy sweaters, and of course a roaring fire in the hearth for the ultimate holiday vibe! Augmented Reality Aerie We partnered with Aerie to showcase their latest line of safari inspired swimwear. The user could explore the safari environment, find clothing, tap on them to learn more details, and add them to their favorites shopping list for later. A truly immersive shopping experience that ties together campaign style with functional shopping. Augmented Reality Disney Haunted Mansion A walkthrough of the iconic Haunted Mansion, guests see themselves in picture frames turning into ghosts, donning Medusa snake hair, and losing their head over the bride of the ride. Hitchhikers whisk the guest away at the Augmented Reality CUUP Swimwear To help promote the new Cuup Swimwear line users are placed in an easy breezy island setting to help get them in the summery mood. Palm trees gently sway while users browse the latest looks. Augmented Reality Jack in the Box Using full-body tracking, we can overlay a 3d mesh on top of the user (for example, a neon Jack!). When the user touches certain parts of the screen, the different neon icons light up! Augmented Reality Zales For this Zales virtual product visualization we display bridal rings using Snap’s latest gem rendering technology. Augmented Reality Signet Jewelers A series of high quality jewelry lenses for Signet Jewelers’ high-end brands, Kay Jewelers, Zales, and Jared. Augmented Reality Bacardi Make You Move In this experience, the speed of user’s dance moves control the speed of the music! Colorful visuals help engage users as they make a music video truly unique. Augmented Reality Bud Light Seltzer For the Bud Light Selzer campaign for the Super Bowl featuring Guy Fieri, Snapchatters are prompted to say “Flavor” to be transported to the Land of Loud Flavors, just like in the ad spot. Augmented Reality Red Bull Puzzle Mercury is in retrograde, but not for those who can finish the Red Bull slide puzzle. Users see themselves all mixed up, but once opening a can of Red Bull, users are set right - retrograde schmetrograde! Augmented Reality Disney Up For Adventure Guests can enlist as a Wilderness Explorer just like Russell from the movie Up! With a tap, a guest earns 3 new badges on their sash, accessories, and with an additional tap special guest Kevin the bird pops in frame! Augmented Reality Coors Seltzer River Project Pick your flavor of Coors seltzer and swap your camera to race down the river, picking up cases of seltzer and dodging debris as you go. Augmented Reality Sam Adams Stein Hoisting Join in on the Oktoberfest fun with Samuel Adams! On the selfie side, try on a lederhosen, hat, and mustache to get into the spirit. Then swap the camera to play a beer stein balancing game, see how long you can move the beer back and forth without spilling onto the floor. Augmented Reality Disney Wall-E & Eve In celebration of Earth Day, the 15th anniversary of Pixar’s Wall-E and the 25th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this Lens featuring the characters Wall-E and Eve brings their whimsical personalities to life like never before! Augmented Reality The Masters Bring the magic of golf’s most prestigious tournament into your home. In this experience, which utilizes marker tracking technology, Snap users can scan the Masters logo and instantly be transported to a stunning sweep through Augusta’s iconic Magnolia Lane. Augmented Reality Quaker x NFL Quaker Oats, an official sponsor of the NFL teamed up to fuel users and get them in the football season mood. Users can open their mouth to eat spoonfuls of oats or switch their camera around to explore an NFL Oats locker room. Packed with branded jerseys, towels, and products, the user can tap around for Quaker Oats NFL trivia. Augmented Reality NASCAR Pitstop Be part of the exhilarating Nascar pit crew. It’s a race against the clock to fill up on gas, change out the tires, and check on under the hood of a 3D car tracked to the user’s environment. Each step is indicated with visual instructions on what the user should do. The car zooms off ready to race, ready to win! Augmented Reality Nike Paralympics Wheelchair B-Ball In excitement for the Paralympics, this Lens experience teaches users how to play Wheelchair Basketball. Users can pose their hands just like the pro-athletes or use their eyebrows to progress so all users of any ability can participate. Dribble down the court, toss, push, catch, pass, and make a basket. As you get the hang of it, each level is more difficult than the last! Augmented Reality Nike Wheel of Sport To motivate Nike Kids to stay active, the Wheel of Sport Lens runs through 4 different mini-games: Balance on one leg tree pose and wipe away icons as the appear; yodel while striking warrior pose; high five all the hands on screen and duck or spin to avoid the obstacles; and jump to pop the bubbles. The experience will leave you out of breath and with a shareable boomerang of your hard work! Augmented Reality Disney Goofy Inspired by the 1940 short “Goofy’s Glider” and the multiple theme park attractions, this character-based Lens brings the world-famous character of Goofy to life in this interactive animated short. Augmented Reality Goat x PSG The clothing brand, GOAT, and PSG partnered together to create an experience where users can step into a stadium and feel like they’re at the game! When the user scores a goal, confetti falls all around the user to make them feel like they are part of the celebration! Augmented Reality Disney Finding Nemo & Friends Guests are invited to help Marlin find Nemo once again! Swimming by Dory, Pearl, and Squishy guests meet each friend until finding Nemo themselves. Augmented Reality DIRECTV Baseball Fans DIRECTV and MLB teamed up to celebrate the upcoming Baseball season by placing the fan in stands - multiple versions of them! Augmented Reality Nike x Super Bowl LVI In this interactive experience created for the 2022 Super Bowl in collaboration with the stylist Antwuan, users get the opportunity to mix and match wild football inspired outfits on a 3D avatar, and place their creation in the real world! Augmented Reality LA Kings AEG Live and the LA Kings brought Fishermen Labs in to create a simple fan engagement lens to their fans. 3x Variations of the lens were available to fans allowing them to choose a Home, Away, or Season Alternate versions of the Kings helmet and Jersey. Augmented Reality Star Wars For Star Wars Celebration and May the Fourth be With you, guests can become a series of characters - on either side of the Force all intersecting on the popular stopping point of Batuu planet. Users can be a Twilek, a Togruta, a Zabrak, or a human Inquisitor. Augmented Reality MLB x Mastercard Be a star baseball player as you pitch your own baseballs in the World Series! This face-in-the hole Lens let’s users step right into the game! Augmented Reality Disney Olaf Bringing the beloved snowman to life from the hit film franchise Frozen, this character-animation Lens brings users into a winter wonderland where magic is real and snowball fights abound! Augmented Reality Toyota Tundra In this fun and messy Lens, users drag their fingers on screen to pave a muddy path around their environment, and can tap buttons to engage in slippery tricks! Augmented Reality Disney Parks Name Tags Name tags are a time honored tradition for Disney cast members. To make it all the more special, using a Machine Learning model with Disney’s data scientist team, this Lens can detect any Disney name tag of any design to trigger a magical moment with Tinker Bell. Augmented Reality Disney MuppetVision With a little bit of Muppet-magic, the 1989 digital Muppet of Waldo was brought to life from scratch in this humorous character animation Lens recreating iconic scenes from the theme park film attraction. Augmented Reality Coca Cola Dance To celebrate the official start of summer, we partnered with Snap + Coca Cola to bring users an energetic experience catching falling bottles of Coke! This took a simple falling game style lens and amplified it by using full body tracking to achieve the ultimate win. Augmented Reality Coca Cola Holiday Recipes Just in time for the holidays, magical animations walk users through a step-by-step instructions for how to make delicious recipes inspired by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Tastemade. Augmented Reality Nissan Performance Unpaved We partnered with Nissan to help drivers experience the Feel of the Thrill of driving off the beaten path. Hop in the driver’s seat to not only explore Nissan's Frontier trucks, but also what it means to explore the uncharted. Augmented Reality Meta Supernatural An energizing Snapchat Lens to celebrate Meta Supernatural, an immersive fitness revolution accessible on Meta Quest 2. Virtual Reality Nike Soccer Pushing the boundaries of at-home entertainment for Sony Pictures, providing an Augmented Reality experience unlike any other, during a time unlike any other. Augmented Reality Foot Locker x Kyrie Irving Partnering with Foot Locker House of Hoops to bring Kyrie's sneaker up close and personal! Augmented Reality Apple A view-in-room AR commerce experience for Apple’s iMac. Augmented Reality Amazon Prime x Cinderella Partnering with Amazon Prime to bring Snapchatters a realistic virtual try-on experience with Camila Cabello’s iconic Cinderella dress! Augmented Reality Mercedes-Benz We developed this fun and familiar holiday-themed Mercedes-Benz Lens to promote the new Mercedes G-Wagon. Augmented Reality Ralph Lauren x Roblox In celebration of the 2021 Ralph Lauren x Roblox collaboration, users could scan any Ralph Lauren logo with the Snapchat app to unlock this Lens. Augmented Reality Louis Vuitton A series of luxury try-on Lenses for Louis Vuitton’s sunglasses lines, sneakers, and bracelets. Virtual Reality Walmart Paving the way for the future of e-commerce with an immersive virtual reality experience. Augmented Reality Nike x Olympics Engaging users in new ways by empowering them to run soccer drills with Olympian Alex Morgan through the use of AR. Augmented Reality Best Buy A virtual Best Buy store built as a portal that allows users to physically walk around and closely inspect products, interact with them, and receive more information. Augmented Reality Sony Pictures Jumanji: Next Level Pushing the boundaries of at-home entertainment for Sony Pictures, providing an Augmented Reality experience unlike any other, during a time unlike any other. Augmented Reality Macy’s Jewelry Try-On Helping shoppers prepare for the holidays by allowing them to try on Macy’s jewelry from the comfort of their homes. Augmented Reality Nike x LeBron James A one-of-a-kind Augmented Reality experience to welcome LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA). Virtual Reality Sony Pictures: Ghostbusters Pushing the boundaries of at-home entertainment for Sony Pictures, providing an Augmented Reality experience unlike any other, during a time unlike any other. Websites Homepie Bringing clarity and ease to the home buying and selling process, without the help of a real estate agent. Virtual Reality Attack of the Snacks An epic new Virtual Reality shoot ‘em up game where you’re defending yourself against the terrors of unhealthy junk food! Augmented Reality Banks Supply Co. Through the use of Augmented Reality, customers browse all kinds of products, from kayaks to backpacks, in their very own living room. Apps CollegeHumor Dropout Bringing the CollegeHumor faithful exclusive content through a brand new multi-media subscription on demand platform. Augmented Reality Wavy Oats Pushing the boundaries of at-home entertainment for Sony Pictures, providing an Augmented Reality experience unlike any other, during a time unlike any other. Augmented Reality Microsoft Studio Effects Prioritizing inclusivity and customization, we developed this AR experience in collaboration with Microsoft to give users a more professional-looking beauty experience. Websites United Nations A complete web re-design for the leading body in the field of international development. Apps Turning Point An engaging mobile experience delivering inspiring videos, podcasts, and articles daily. Augmented Reality Puma x LaMelo Ball Blast off to space with the Puma LaMelo MB.01 shoe try-on experience, complete with a mars rover on the toe box to show you around the shoes features. Websites Harvest Ministry Helping one of the largest Christian ministries in America reach millions with a reimagined multimedia web experience. Augmented Reality T-Mobile We created an immersive virtual store for T-Mobile in augmented reality. It is a digital twin of a real store with full e-commerce capabilities, allowing customers to shop for new products and make purchases from this virtual environment. Apps BibleProject Integrating BibleProject’s vast library of content into a highly advanced EdTech mobile app packed with interactive features and resources for deeper study and research of the Bible. Augmented Reality New Balance Try on the latest pair of the Greenleaf New Balance 574 shoes in three different colors! Websites United Nations: SDG Impact Fresh branding and web design for the United Nations global initiative, SDG Impact. Websites LeaseLock A website redesign and refreshed art direction to clarify LeaseLock’s unique offerings in the rental housing space. Augmented Reality Clearly Clearly used this AR experience to launch their new fogless glasses. These are a true-to-life replication of the product, showcased with a mask to highly a real-world problem that the fogless glasses are solving. Websites Goodwater Capital A responsive website redesign for the leading consumer tech investment firm. Websites Fairview Capital Breathing new life into Fairview Capital’s online presence by revamping their website to better match their identity as a company. Websites Amazon Web Services (AWS) A web experience for AWS’ Intersect festival… where music, art, and technology converge. Websites Adobe 90s A quirky web game to showcase just how far the internet has come. Built to pair with the brand’s in person experiences at Adobe Max.