Augmented Reality


We developed this fun and familiar holiday-themed Mercedes-Benz Lens to promote the new Mercedes G-Wagon.

Project Overview
In preparation for the holiday shopping season, we rolled out a Snapchat Lens to match the iconic Mercedes commercials and brought a high-quality digital rendering of the gift-wrapped G-Wagon to users everywhere. Using Surface Tracking technology, users can see the G-Wagon in their environment, play with its scale, examine it up-close, and tap to see a fun, unwrapping animation. On the selfie side, they see themselves in a snowy environment with G-Wagon keys in hand, to imagine what it’d be like to own one in real life.
Type of Experience
Shopping AR
Technology Used:
Hand Tracking, Surface Tracking
5-8 weeks
Watch our demo video:
Snapchat: Scan this code
to try the Lens yourself
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