Mobile App


Integrating BibleProject’s vast library of content into a highly advanced EdTech mobile app packed with interactive features and resources for deeper study and research of the Bible.

When we met with BibleProject to gameplan their first mobile app, they already had a dedicated audience of over two million viewers and podcast listeners around the world; they just lacked one central place for all of their educational material and content to live. This led to the mobile app: a one-stop shop for their growing multimedia library as well as new and exciting Bible study features that had never been designed for a digital medium before.


On top of organizing a massive, scalable library of BibleProject’s podcasts and videos, we were tasked with designing and building the infrastructure for highly innovative Bible study tools and features, such as interactive media players, a new navigational structure for the Bible, and a “treasure hunt-esque” reading experience that invites users to uncover helpful resources embedded in the Bible Reader itself.


Designing all of these complex features into one seamless app meant that we needed to strategize and hit the drawing board early and often. We regularly interviewed and tested our designs with BibleProject fans to ensure we were making something they would benefit from and be eager to use, all while keeping BibleProject’s mission of “helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus” in the forefront of our minds.

In Conclusion

It was an honor to partner with BibleProject to create their flagship mobile app and equip their audience with handheld access to a growing world of helpful Bible reading resources. With over 1,000 five-star reviews in the App Store within the first six months of launch, we’re confident the BibleProject app will continue to make a significant impact around the globe.

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