Virtual Reality

Attack of the Snacks

An epic new Virtual Reality shoot ‘em up game for the Meta Quest 2 brought to you by yours truly.

We strapped on our game dev gloves and created an exciting zombie-wave style shooter for the Meta Quest 2. Play round after round as armies of unhealthy junk food monsters march towards you in a classic mall food court setting. Unlock new weapons, heal yourself at the vending machine, and tally up those points to compete against your friends!


Building a VR game like Attack of the Snacks is no easy feat. We needed to figure out how to build quickly and efficiently to stay on track with our fast-paced timeline while remaining dedicated to game development and user experience best practices.


Through the use of iterative game mechanic testing, live-feedback reviews, and our stellar development and art teams, we were able to squash issues and refine early, allowing us to release this fun and engaging experience out into the world in record time.

In Conclusion

Gaming experiences like Attack of the Snacks are just one of many incredible use cases that Virtual Reality has to offer brands and businesses. If you have an idea for a game, VR experience, or anything else in the immersive technology space, let’s find a way to engage with your audience and collaborate on something great!

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