Responsive Website

Helping one of the largest Christian ministries in America reach millions with a reimagined multimedia web experience.

Over the last 40+ years, Harvest and Greg Laurie have reached millions of people through their services, broadcasts, events, books, blogs, and online content. Partnering with their incredible team, we designed and developed a new responsive web experience to deliver new daily content to their vast audience in richer and deeper ways.


With lots of new content each week, our top priority was making sure their audience could simply navigate the various media types and vast archive of content. Because of the various media types, scripture tags, topics, authors, events, and services, some of our biggest challenges came within searching and filtering.


Under the new media experience we call “Resources” users could dive straight into new daily content or explore old resources by type, topic, author, and more. After learning how daily visitors use the site, we created a “Today” page within the resources experience to serve up the latest in the four main media categories.

In Conclusion

Meeting the various needs of’s visitors through a new visual identity and site structure.

Our design and development teams ultimately help deliver a brand new experience so that no matter what, Harvest’s audience, new and old, were able to engage with life changing content without distraction. We’re happy to see the ways Harvest continues to reach more people through the new site.

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