Virtual Reality


An immersive mobile virtual reality experience for Sony’s blockbuster franchise, Ghostbusters.

Following the release of their latest addition to the franchise, Sony approached us with a vision to bring people into the famous story to catch some ghosts! As fans of Ghostbusters, we were excited to team up and make this happen.


How do we create an immersive mobile VR experience that die-hard fans of Ghostbusters would appreciate? Our challenge was to ensure the story was both fun and completely engaging.


We worked with writers and game designers to ensure a consistent story, optimized high resolution art assets from Sony to enable the best performances with testing and iterating.

In Conclusion

Thrilling virtual gameplay to expand Sony’s brand and cultivate more excitement for the film.

Timed with the release of the film, this immersive experience was leveraged to push the Ghostbusters brand even further forward. Since we launched the game, Ghostbusters fans nationwide have been capturing Slimer to help save the day!

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