Augmented Reality

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Through the use of Augmented Reality, customers browse all kinds of products, from kayaks to backpacks, in their very own living room.

Take your new or existing e-commerce site to the next level by adding 3D AR-ready assets of your products that can be viewed live in your customer’s space. Keep your existing website or craft a new one; no app required. Try it below for yourself and see how your customers can better engage with your products!


The online shopping experience is often less than ideal for your customers. The true scale of a product, or the fit of a clothing item, are extremely hard to convey on a traditional website. The challenge in this case was to help brands create stickier customers and deliver a much more enjoyable time engaging with products.


Augmented Reality can help solve these problems. Immersive tech like AR allows shoppers to try on items such as shoes, hats, glasses, and even other clothing like shirts, pants, shorts, and dresses. By allowing an individual to see how a kayak might fit in their garage, or how a new pair of shoes might look on them, actual purchases go up and the returns go down!

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How it Works

While shopping on your site, customers can rotate and zoom in on a 3D product via desktop. Or, by accessing your site via mobile they can bring that product into their environment for a more realistic idea of what it would be like to actually own the item. With over 4.5 billion AR-ready mobile devices throughout the world, this experience can be reached by literally billions of people.

In Conclusion

As customers get more and more familiar with seeing and engaging with AR they will come to expect it as a more enjoyable way to shop. Fishermen Labs is excited to help brands meet that need and help build that ongoing relationship and increase brand loyalty!

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