Augmented Reality


Pushing the boundaries of at-home entertainment for Sony Pictures, providing an Augmented Reality experience unlike any other, during a time unlike any other.

We partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment to bring our biggest webAR project to life for Jumanji: The Next Level. At a time when the world was at a standstill, we sought to provide the audience with an experience that allowed them to see the Jumanji film unfold right in front of their eyes like never before.


Sony sought to invite Jumanji fans into an immersive journey that led them step by step through the world of Jumanji and every twist and turn the characters face in the movie. Fishermen Labs was charged with strategizing, designing, and implementing over 6+ AR games and interactive experiences in a cohesive web-based experience in under 2 months.


Through the use of web based image recognition, the users would engage with an Augmented Reality map that came to life as the main hub to guide users. From here, they were able to journey through the film’s plot from start to finish, experiencing games, high resolution 3D character exhibits, and shareable social content in a completely immersive way.

How it Works

A complex blend of AR, web, mobile game design, and UI design fell into perfect harmony to help fans explore the world of Jumanji firsthand.

Our technical expertise, efficient art pipelines, tight communication, and extensive team of managers, engineers, and designers came together under pressure to deliver a highly engaging product for fans of the Jumanji franchise.

In Conclusion

Sony Pictures Entertainment entrusted Fishermen Labs to find a way to extend the life of their film by betting big on cutting edge technology to take their at-home entertainment division to the next level.

Brands everywhere are constantly looking to engage their audiences in memorable new ways. At Fishermen Labs, we believe Augmented Reality transforms how Brands engage with their audience, allowing them to go beyond being a passive bystander and instead become an active part of the story.

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