Augmented Reality

Louis Vuitton

A series of luxury try-on Lenses for Louis Vuitton’s sunglasses lines, sneakers, and bracelets.

Project Overview
We were thrilled to partner with Louis Vuitton on a series of fashion product try-on Lenses to test if AR could be a valuable use case for Louis Vuitton’s audience. In each Lens, we captured the likeness of Louis Vuitton’s luxury product to meet their high standard for quality. Through these experiences, AR has proven to be a sucess for Louis Vuitton, which has led to further AR activations for their fashion products.
Type of Experience
Shopping AR
Technology Used:
Foot Tracking, Hand Tracking, Head Tracking
5-8 weeks
Watch our demo video:
Scan to try out the sunglasses Lens
Scan to try out the shoes Lens
Scan to try out the bracelet Lens
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