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Leveling up the activity on the back of a cereal box with Augmented Reality.

Change Text To prove how powerful of a marketing tool AR can be, we took the concept of a simple cereal box activity to a whole new level by making it an immersive AR scavenger hunt game.

How to Play

Scan the QR code below, then point your mobile device at the cereal box image below to play an AR game and bring this product to life!

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Heads up: You will need this image pulled up on a separate device such as a desktop computer or an iPad.

From storyboarding to finishing touches

After several rounds of character and theme exploration, we landed at our lively underwater octopus-pirate, Wavy Jones! He loves to swim around and celebrate you as you discover and unlock all of the Wavy Oats treasure found on the ocean floor.

More to Explore

AR for physical products allows you to create greater depth that captures more of the imagination. In this scene, we send Wavy Jones deep into his underwater world to explore all there is to see. Users can also explore the scene depth as they search for treasure chests filled with Wavy Oats. And just like that, the 2D image on the back of your cereal box has opened up a whole new world.

In Conclusion

Inviting your customers to engage more deeply through Augmented Reality allows you to encourage a deeper level of brand loyalty. The product types you can promote, and the options for fun and creative experiences are truly limitless. Reach out to us to begin exploring how you can bring your physical products to life!

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