About Us

A tight-knit team solving problems like it’s our job.
Which it is.

Started from the ground up, we’ve always had a knack for exploring the unknown, staying curious, learning on the fly, and having a blast while pumping out awesome work.

Meet your makers…

Daren Fennell
Director of Operations
Brian Cavanaugh
Director of Project Management
Charles Hu
Cobalt Cox
Director of AR & VR
Cole Dennis
Project Manager
Eden Chen
Jenna Johnson
Office Manager
James Torres
Project Manager
Julie Trieu
Project Manager
Lexi Koch
Lead Designer
Megan Scott
Project Manager
Orville Paynter IV
Lead Project Manager
Bianca Victoria
Project Manager
John Horning
Technical Director
Jessica Cheung
Business Development Officer
Allyson Cunha
VP of Business Development